HPI Racing Hpi Racing RS4 Sport 3 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X

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Hpi Racing Touring RC Car RS4 SPORT 3 1969 FORD MUSTANG RTR-X

1/10th Scale Pre-Assembled 4WD Touring Car
with 2.4GHz Radio System and Painted
1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X Body
Length: 431mm (17")
Height: 127mm (5")
Width: 200mm (7.9")
Wheelbase: 254mm (10")
Includes: Komplett Set ! Alles dabei !
4 AA batteries
7.2v 2000 mAh NiMH battery with standard plug
Wall battery charger


The RS4 Sport 3 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X is fitted with a set of HPI Spec-Grip treaded rubber tires for maximum grip on just about every paved surface. You'll get great acceleration, braking and cornering performance from these semi-slick, grippy rubber tires! The tires are molded in a durable, long-wearing rubber compound that will give you a long life for hours of fun and enjoyment. If going sideways is more your style, we also include a second set of wheels fitted with HPI T-Drift tires. These low-profile drift-specific tires are made for high-performance, realistic drift action at 1/10th scale! Just make a quick pit stop to change them over and you’ll be ready to show off your drift skills in no time.

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Geschwindigkeit 40-50 km/h
Lieferumfang mit Akku und Ladegerät
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